Our studio is an impression of how we live.  A playground for the curious mind, a version of a different thought considered entirely.  Constantly in search for that of which has yet to be seen, estranged to what already exists.  The observations for subcultural nuances and textures that carry little effort to be what they truly are, often overlooked and lost in the bigger picture, we approach our creations by applying techniques of other industries and tweak it just enough for the creation of a specific, premeditated sought after emotion.  Time consuming and often inefficient, we value the process in discovering new interpretations.

HCC bikes are suppose to reflect the creative experience of building a motorcycle.  The sampling of an imaginable product of the future, lingers on the reality of creatively designing something that solves a problem and answers to a different reality for the vision of tomorrow.

We keep an open mind for anything and everything that has been brought to existence by the artists, designers and engineers that have collectively contributed to the reality of what the world has manifested into today.  Form and formless all at once, the complexity in making it simple is an experience that inspire and drives us.

NYAAARG can be viewed as a constellations of hand picked symbolic arrangements of cultural relics, artifacts, semi-finished materials and products.  Our gallery ecompasses the ideas of a multidisciplinary design studio and general store, tampering with existing boundaries and genre definitions that grants explorations of the shoppers senses to radically question the modern conventions of online shopping.  Making our products available to the public enhances the distribution and value of our heavily time invested experiments and have now been materialised through our pantheon of ordinary and extraordinary arrangements.


HCC’S NYAAARG is a design manifesto that focuses on the creation process rather than the end result.  Every project we choose to undertake is a radical operation within its own right; exploring novel movements that translate to the individual formations of all our creations, we provide a space for inspiration and invite you to explore our microcosm of this world.  Our contemporary arrangements are presented with predilections for the exotic, unique and weird, supplying meaningful objects and relics that carries an effortless connotation. The raw emotions of these alignments are fundamental in visualising the impact each product will yield, acting as a measure to disperse from any trends or current soon-to-be over fads.  We are anti-conformist, anti-establishment storytellers and are uninterested in products that have lost the essence to which they were suppose to serve from the beginning. Instead our curations, creations and artifacts are icons for a sterile and makeable world. If we aint got it, you don’t want.