Mentally tracing and physically applying a visual mental image seeded from an idea that has been identified and organized in the minds-eye, makes up a large part of our creative process.

The pursuit of perfect symmetry was first recognized and applied through the natural, rebellious, impulsive act of playing punk rock music in our teens. We discovered, while composing music, that the individual input and tone of each instrument, combined with the harmony of sound, painted a mental picture in the form of unique shapes and colours..

It is this imaginative ideology that has inspired the HCC brand ethos and has paved the way for the ingenuity of the “curves from rhythm” concept that is directly applied to each one-off custom build to create the perfect shape.

-City Slicker-

Photograhy shot by Chut Janthachotibutr

Variables like the human silhouette act as the median to balance the overall “s” shaped bike, paired with the streamline ergonomics, creating a complimentary match at optimal synergy.

We shape-shift graceful lines and poised-posture bikes whilst incorporating the natural symmetry and awe-inspiring formations and colours found in the eco-systems of nature. The delicate symbiotic relationship between predator and prey animals is a basis for our design inspiration and philosophy.


HCC continues to strive for the perceived perfect shape through its unconventional creative ideology, transcending inspirations drawn from nature and applying it through an endless mechanical palette of artistic play that expresses the simplicity of modern refinement.