Lotus Arts De Vivre and Half Caste Creations join forces in a truly experimental venture!

As surely as day becomes night and night becomes day again; we believe we’ve found equilibrium like in the balance of Yin and Yang.

We then reflected on the true nature of our works, the brutalist approaches of our materials and the finishes is where we found common ground and the starting point of this very special and unique fabrication.

The opposite forces of our entities has proven to be complementary, bonding the duality of both parties’ dynamics into a streamlined twisted punk interpretation of a sculptural and living machine; a chimera inspired work of art that in all seriousness is the product of an imaginative and contemporary fabrication that will be unveiled at the historical grounds of LHONG 1919.

For the past two years the collaborating brands have left their comfort zones behind to meticulously hand-craft every single component of this machine.  Half Caste Creations’ starting point was a forgotten 1970s classic engine.  A curvaceous and streamline rigid (trellis) frame and 1930s style girder forks were forged from fire by the HCC atelier to house the unconventional components that Lotus Arts de Vivre would then add on.

The clean canvas that HCC provided was ideal for the Lotus Arts de Vivre power house to do what they do best; take an existing shape and bring it life and allow for a re-birth of an old soul in a completely new vessel.

As decadent as Lotus Arts de Vivre’s reputation exceedingly stands, they were not shy to design, hand carve (out bees wax) and then cast over seven kilograms of 92.5 Sterling Silver and bejewel KETO to the likes of long and lasting ruler.

A sculptural masterpiece decadent and fit for a King.