We’ve always been fond of antiquated military field bags.  The practicality of the design with its humongous pockets, being able to pack your entire life into one space, slung across your back ready to go on an adventure.  The general oversized nature of this artifact provides the feel of a transporter that has been manufactured with practicality and survival in mind first, above all.   

You could only dream up what you’d use it for.

We re-imagined the idea behind these army issued rucksacks to create our own version and release the first series of two.   The product of this experiment is something that feels extremely luxurious yet highly usable and rugged. What excites us most about this artifact is the colour.  A deep and dark understated army green that took us the better part of the year to get the mixture right.

It’s the kind of bag you’ll pretty soon find that you can’t live without.  Something to clip onto your bike or one that you carry on your back, check in for a flight or check out for permanent storage. Introducing the BBB series.

S H O P    T H E    P R O D U C T S    N O W