If you’ve seen Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey you know how radical these pieces of furniture are, if you haven’t, then fine! Go watch it and come back to this article at a later time.


An undulating and low slung seating position etched out by the noted french designer Olivier Mourgue, the Djinn series is a true modernist design and a product of ground-breaking experimentation in form and fabric.  

Introduced in the mid 1960s for Airborne. Till this day, the funky silhouette and solid colour jersey fabric stretched over this unique shape looks as fresh as ever.

Djinn series Olivier Mourgue for Airborne International in the 1960s.

Sometimes, some pieces of furniture just strike you like a tall shot of tequila your friend serves you in the middle of a sunday afternoon when you are just trying to relax.

This is not one of them.   This lamp has the looks of a highly streamlined object from another reality where the lines and subtle aluminum texture makes for an enormous light which presents itself in in a completely unexpected way.  It echos this era where the future seemed so far away but actually right at your doorstep, which might have made you realise that this potential alternate future that the designers envisioned in the 70s actually landed so far away from our reality and instead created a sort of imaginary and paradoxical era that actually never existed. Confusing?

May be… but if you’re like Marty McFly and like to travel through time, this is the piece for you!


Ps: written on Monday, January 8, 2561… in Thailand.

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