The Ekstrem lounge chair was designed by Terje Ekström in 1972, also called the spider chair for its sculptural and undeniable resemblance to the arachnide.

It has been designed to offer within it’s immobility a variety of options in seating positions and this is a big reason why we love it so much! We find the approach refreshing, mostly because being motorcycle builders we are usually limited in designing the seat for the one seating position only… Well except if you are a stuntman, in which case you are not concerned by the last sentence!

Either way the most mesmerising aspect about this chair is of course it’s looks, it carries the perfect what the fuck feeling that we continually seek out with our NYAAARG products.  We source only early version of this chair as for some reason the newer versions doesn’t have the same shape and volume making them (in our opinion) not attractive.

We say with confidence that this is a must have piece of furniture, no matter what your apartment or house looks like, it will be in its complete element anywhere you place it, and as they say.. don’t let a book be judged by its cover, it’s actually extremely comfortable.