It’s the kind of morning you wake up and you’re already riding your bike half awake and cotton mouthed as shit because you’re hungover as fuck.

The unlikely combo of chicken feet and congee; a hearty and cheap breakfast special Thai school kids consider a staple start of the day, for us we like to keep this for truly special occasions.  The heavy hangovers that leave you depleted and remind you that you are no longer a kid anymore and should probably slow down.

As morose and unflattering as this Thai-Islamic dish sounds, it’s actually incredibly tasty!

The overnight boiled porridge simmered in the succulence of fatty chicken feet essence makes for a broth that is umami.  The bones the skin the nails, the fat, the tendons, and cartilage from these less desired cuts topped with a blackened preserved Chinese 100 year old egg is sure to settle your stomach and have you gnawing on the bones and in between the toes till you’ve sucked the essence clean.  Yummy!

I guess you could compare the significance of this meal to a hearty French onion soup in terms of its potency to revive you from the mishaps of last night’s mischief.

The best variations of this underrated street dish are found to hide right in plain site, in the early morning rooster calls of Bangkok’s infamous Yaowarat (China Town) area, look for the mean Chinese grandma in ‘Puppa’ flip flops serving this cheap delicacy to the last standing degenerates of the night and the next generation kids slurping away as they jump on a rickshaw and head to school.

You then take a step back and breath the smoke out of your lungs from the first cigarette of the day and the congee comfortably blankets your stomach. You realise how much these comforts are right at home in this diverse and intricate cultural weave that is old Bangkok.  

Like the traditions and ingredients served up in this porridge the neighbourhood is a one way dragon shaped maze of antiquated shop houses, temples, markets, shark fin soup sellers, herbalist wizards, fake cashmere fabric hustlers, fortune telling gold dealers, with the noise from the Indian copies of the now vintage vespas as a soundtrack you can’t mute.

From the  brown uniformed shady street cops patrolling the area to the gold watch, silk shirt, vintage Cartier sunglasses wearing Dons collecting there rightfully earned money, to the bright eyed designer looking for fabric samples, to the paperless burmese immigrants pushing rolls of fabric like there is no tomorrow.  It all works and one aspect compliments the next and so on and so forth. Its an ecosystem far different and sub culturally unique, surreal to see people still living like this and yet, so relatable and genuine. The naturally evolved order of this place is something that influenced us for the creation of the Galgo motorcycle, the real time parallel of this almost 50 year old bike ridden through these even older streets in 2018 and it hits me, SHIT! we too are a part of the ecosystem.