We headed to Hawaii with a goal in mind, leaving the city life and wandering new grounds with a rucksack full of clothes and two of our favourite cameras that never seizes to amaze us, pocket full of weed and a ST400 Tempter.

It hasn’t aged enough to become a proper vintage yet or even be considered as an expensive ride at that, but holy fuck it’s good, what a thumper.  

It was built to be a comfortable ride on road and also have a crack at a little off road trails.  The bike lead the exploration to the Hawaiian hippie culture and kind hearted people we came across.

Soft spoken giants guided us to nude beaches, forgotten hiking trails, lonely surf spots and Halawa valley, where we learnt about real Hawaiian culture and practises.   Coming from the big city it’s a rare occasion to meet truly genuine people serendipitously, but in this ancient vegetative rock, it seemed to be a normal way of life.

S H O P    T H E    P R O D U C T S    N O W