After having spent an excruciating amount of time designing and building the TUA HEA, balancing the air intake to combustion ratio, we wanted to see what kind of speeds she could reach before the driver pussied out or before the engine would explode! 

We supercharged this 90s Yamaha Sr500 with an Aisin 500 supercharger borrowed from the Daihatsu and Subaru mini trucks commonly found for hire around the affluent Phrom Phong area in Bangkok.

In an undisclosed location a few hours away from the city limits, we gathered our favourite photographer friends to document the day, a vision that was manipulated and intensified by a careful choice of digital and antiquated analogue optics.  

To achieve the images we had envisioned it was apparent that we would have to shoot high noon.  With close to 45 degrees Celsius temperatures it posed some problems for the really old cameras and particularly with the on-site development processes required by this 100 year old technique and technology.  

“Sun” from Red Light Lab set up a portable dark room underneath a sugar palm tree where he could mix the necessary chemicals to develop the wet plates in this uninhabited location. This shoot was a new challenge for him.  He had already mastered this style of photography in a studio with controlled settings. But out there, the mixtures of chemicals and the boiling temperatures and high humidity proved challenging to say the least. It took Sun several tries to get the glass plates to develop thoroughly and properly.

He looked like Heisenberg with his gas mask, spectacles and topless torso. Except this wasn’t a tv show, by the end of the day he had burnt to a red crisp and later peeled like a lizard, shedding off the dead skin as if the shoot had never happened…  The only evidence of his magic was found in these four amazing wet plates, and boy did they turn out better than any of us had previously poked at or even began to imagine!

Chris the adept travelling photographer shifted between a 90s medium format Hasselblad 503CX film camera with 80mm and 100mm lenses, and  a modern Sony body mounted with rehoused vintage Russian optics (Richard Gales Optics) to soften the sharpness of the modern sensors to make for a more analog and noise driven picture.

With years of experience and a camera obsessed nature, his choice of tools for the day couldn’t have worked out any better for us.

Our very own driver wore the HEMP fight suit whilst gunning the TUA HEA  and the THAIWAIIAN shirt cut in Silk, styled with hand made genuine python boots (Keith) by Rich Cast of Characters for some in between runs and boozy paddock leisure..

The creative duos (Bandit Rassameeroj and Sonia Piyaphan) behind these cool kid staple boots found influence from rock legend Keith Richards laid back and eccentric style.  Their newly formed company has received great traction and are steadily building up a strong customer base, no surprise at all as their products truly stands out by virtue of its understated rock heritage and traditional craftsmanship, unrivalled and unmatched to anything else currently out there.

Donny also wore a vintage Buco J82 jacket for protection and a vintage Omega Dirty Dozen officers watch for some wartime like inspired confidence.  The radical set up of the bike perpetuated fears and sobering thoughts to not crash, burn and die.

The HCC paddock girls highlighted the scene and set the mood with the white HEMP flight suits and Rich Cast of Characters Star Boots.

With that sexy 70s style demeanour, curvy silhouettes and cheeky smiles, inspired by the burnt sepia tone photographs of the old drag racers girlfriends picture diary, posing and flaunting their often braless-bosoms and voluptuous curves at these makeshift drag days.

Reminding the boys the reason why they race in the first place!

Srei’s fierce and larger than life personality radiated through the photographs, laughing and fighting her way through the day making it easy to capture the specific characteristics that would make or break this particular kind of shoot.

With such confidence and her partner in crime by her side, Tatim brought an air of sophistication and grace only matched by her Pocahontas like figure and newly found motherly vibe.

She made sure that the TUA HEA was race ready, boozily tinkering and tuning this concept vehicle to perform, all whilst taking care of the little one ; serving cocktails to the driver, but to only increase his confidence during the in between runs and assuring him to “keep pushing the bike…”

“It can handle it” she kept repeating, applying her sunscreen and tanning oil as soon as he skidded off the starting line.

What a blast of a salty, sweet, sweaty, burnt-out, lizard peeling, snake skinned, sugar palmed, supercharged, radioactive, toxic-gassed, experimental, drunken, silky, bosomed, smoking, babe, lounging, paddock, racing, tinkering, tuning, radical, desolate, barren, humid, noisy, intense, screeching, moon-wheeled, mirage, leisured, streamlined, supercharged, laughing, fighting, analogue, Black Cat,  NYAAARG!!!… Day

S H O P    T H E    P R O D U C T S    N O W